FEAG has been holding a series of monthly practical workshops since February 2013. We are fortunate enough to have been offered the use of the premises, and some of the facilities of Oxford Archaeology East, for evening sessions on the first Tuesday of each month from 7 to 9pm – some of our workshops are held there and others in Cottenham (some of which are weekend workshops). These workshops have been used to work on the full recording and processing of the finds from the Twenty Pence Project excavations. We will be continuing with that process, and other post-excavation aspects of the Twenty Pence Project. All members are welcome to join us. Please contact the secretary by email (feaginfo@gmail.com ) if you would like to take part.

March 2015 Workshop: We returned to Oxford Archaeology East for our first workshop in March. At present we are concentrating on marking pottery sherds with event and context numbers, which together uniquely identify where the sherds were found. The event numbers are provided by the Cambridgeshire County Council’s Historic Environment Team and the context numbers were recorded on site, when we were digging. This is part of the process, which will allow us to eventually deposit our archives with the Council’s archaeological repository.


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