Gold coin 

Talk: Thursday 16 April 2015, 7.30 pm, at the Tony Cooper Suite, Cottenham Village College.

Iron Age coins and the tribal borderlands of Cambridgeshire by Rodney Scarle

Doors open 7.15 pm; meeting begins 7.30 pm

This talk will give an overview of the history, types, production, role and design of hammered and cast tribal coinage. There is then a consideration of the distribution of coins across Cambridgeshire, which straddles the boundaries of the Corieltauvi, Iceni (Eceni), Trinovantes and Catuvelauni. Some particular attention is given to coins of the Iceni. The talk is well illustrated with coin images and specimens will be on show at  the meeting.
Rodney’s numismatic interest began when as a young lad, he collected a diverse mix of Victorian and foreign coins. His  fascination with Iron Age coins began some years ago, as his involvement in archaeology developed. A modest and small collection of these coins has been assembled in the meantime. Rodney is a member of the FEAG committee.


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