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Talk: Wednesday 23 September 2015, 7.30 pm, at Willingham Baptist Church, George Street, Willingham.

Roman roads in Britain by Rick Kelly and Paddy Lambert

Doors open 7.15 pm; meeting begins 7.30 pm

Roman roads around Peterborough: an aerial perspective by Rick Kelly

Rick Kelly will present the result of his research on Roman roads near Peterborough. Twenty-three potential Roman roads and four known roads were identified during the research for this project. Using the four major known roads as a starting point, the landscape was examined by optical imagery and then LIDAR imagery to identify potential roads, either still in use or appearing as crop marks, footpaths, depressions, mounds or field boundaries. Two new probable Roman Villas were also identified and one area raised questions about the possibility of a third villa or pre-historic enclosure for future research

Rick is an expert in the techniques of analysing optical and LIDAR imagery, learnt during 25 years as an Imagery Analyst in the Royal Air Force.

All roads lead to Rome: roads in Roman Britain by Paddy Lambert

The Roman road network connected the isolated islands of Britain to a central nervous system of trade and culture that stretched from the colds of Scotland to the dry heat of the Arab world. Archaeology is now shedding new light on the highways of Roman Britain, blowing apart long-held misconceptions and highlighting the sheer complexity and diversity of an old world slowly connecting to the new. The impact of the humble Roman road on the landscape of Britain remains the most enduring of legacies, yet they are rarely studied in their wider, cultural contexts. The study of the cultural development and impact of the roads in the wider landscape in Roman Britain is perhaps the greatest tool in stitching together a narrative of a province of an almost unequalled unique flavour; the province of Britannia.

Paddy Lambert is an archaeologist with Oxford Archaeology East and specialises in the history and material culture of the Roman world. He has excavated Roman sites in the UK and France, most recently a high-status rural settlement site in Essex.


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