Selina talking


On Wednesday 2 March 2016 some 30 FEAG members braved a sudden hailstorm and ice-covered roads to pay a second visit to the dig at Must Farm. The dig has been much in the national news recently, with talk of an ‘English Pompeii’ and it was a great privilege to spend a couple of hours being shown round by Selina Davenport, the presenter of our recent talk about the site. Much had changed since our previous visit – we were in luck as the now-famous Must Farm wheel was proving difficult to lift and was therefore still in situ for us to view. Some recently uncovered areas served to make the site more comprehensible to the viewer, and the ongoing removal of the centre baulk made it easier to get an overview of the whole complex. The weather was not being kind, and despite the protection of the temporary building it was amazing to see the archaeologists working without gloves in temperatures of three to four degrees. We were able to spend time asking questions, getting close to some spectacular finds and taking photos, before yet another TV camera crew took over and we had to leave them to it. It’s sad to think that soon the whole complex will have been lifted and obliterated, but work is well underway to conserve the main timbers and the fantastic artefacts and to provide a major exhibition at the Flag Fen site.

David Gordon

Thanks to Selina and Cambridge Archaeological Unit for the invitation to visit Must Farm.

Photos courtesy of Alison Wedgbury and Vicki Harley.

To keep up to date with developments,  go to http://www.facebook.com/MustFarmArchaeology/ and read the site diary  http://www.mustfarm.com/

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