Extra talk: Wednesday 1 June 2016, 7.30 pm at the Tony Cooper Suite, Cottenham Village College.

Doors open 7.15 pm; meeting begins 7.30 pm

The Twenty Pence Project: an update by John Stanford

This presentation will review what we have done since the start of the project, with a particular emphasis on the 2014 excavation and plans for 2016. Refreshments will be available too!

FEAG is conducting a dig close to the Bullock’s Haste Scheduled Monument, near Cottenham. Our fieldwork began in 2011 with a geophysical survey undertaken by Archaeology Rheesearch, digging of 8 test pits and metal detecting. In 2012 and 2013, we dug evaluation trenches to assess the previously identified ditches. A small area overlapping the trenches was dug in 2014. Experts have examined pottery, animal bone, coins and environmental samples.

The fieldwork shows a network of probable boundary and drainage ditches and an area of circular ditch features, which may have been used to contain, dry and protect agricultural produce. Environmental samples revealed significant quantities of emmer/spelt wheat grain and chaff. Animal bones included cattle, horse and pig. Pottery and coin finds suggest the site was used throughout the Roman occupation. The pottery included a great variety from the Roman period; most of is greyware, probably locally made. Metal finds include three first century brooches.

Ongoing work includes an auger survey of the profile of the Roman waterway, the ‘Car Dyke’, which runs through the settlement and attempts to understand the relationship between this settlement and the dyke.


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