Talk: Thursday 22 September, 7.30 pm, at Willingham Baptist Church, George St, Willingham.
Landscape survey in East Kent by Lacey Wallace

Doors open 7.15 pm; meeting begins 7.30 pm

A large site in east Kent is raising questions about how the Roman imperial administration and military functioned in Britain. It also shows that our categorisations of sites as ‘rural’, ‘villa’ or ‘ritual/funerary’, etc, are much more blurred than we might think. Its location, at the conjunction of the road that once connected the urban centre at Canterbury with the urban and military centre at Richborough and with the waterways of east Kent, was ideal for communication and transport from the Continent and to the rest of Britain. The landscape was dominated by Bronze Age barrows, which were probably of symbolic significance to the pre-Roman Iron Age population, but an enormous round barrow in this area may date to the Roman period. By the early third century, roadside industry was connected to a large storage and distribution complex with connections to the imperial administration.

Dr Wallace is a Research Associate in Roman Archaeology at the University of Cambridge. She conducts research on the archaeology of the western Roman Empire and is currently the Principal Investigator of The Canterbury Hinterland Project.

Our speaker meetings are open to everyone. Admission: Members £2; Non-members £3.

Image from Wikipedia.


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