tr_picture2Talk: Thursday 16 February 2017, 7.30 pm at the Tony Cooper Suite, Cottenham Village College.

The archaeology of Neanderthal humanity: the Shanidar Project by Tim Reynolds

Doors open 7.15 pm; meeting begins 7.30 pm

Tim will be talking about his research exploring the adaptations and behaviour of Neanderthals and modern humans against a background of changing climate. Excavations at Shanidar Cave (in Iraqi Kurdistan) have yielded evidence for occupation by Neanderthals and modern humans. A number of Neanderthal burials were recovered that showed care for elderly and injured individuals. Recent discoveries of interbreeding between Neanderthals and modern humans and a late date for the spread of the latter into Europe make sites such as Shanidar key to understanding the nature of Neanderthal/Homo sapiens relations and to answering the question of what happened to the Neanderthals. What was responsible for the demise of Neanderthals?

Tim Reynolds is a senior lecturer at Birkbeck College, London, and is a former county archaeologist for Cambridgeshire. He is currently preparing a book on the origin and spread of modern humans, completing work on the site of the Haua Fteah, Libya and planning renewed investigations for Shanidar cave, Iraq.


Note: The Tony Cooper Suite is in the sixth form block behind the main school.

Our speaker meetings are open to everyone. Admission: Members £2; Non-members £3.

Images provided by Tim Reynolds.


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