Talk: Thursday 17 May, 7.30 pm, Cottenham Village College

‘Stonehenge: new discoveries’ by Mike Parker-Pearson 


In the last 15 years, research on Stonehenge has revealed a wealth of new evidence about this enigmatic monument and its builders. Discoveries at Stonehenge and surrounding sites include new information of the people buried there, the houses that they lived in, and relationships of Stonehenge to its surrounding landscape. New scientific techniques such as analysis of ancient DNA and isotopes have also transformed our understanding of who these people were. Geological studies have also paved the way for archaeological excavations at some of Stonehenge’s distant quarries in Wales, to cast light on the mystery of when and why some of its monoliths were brought from so far away. Mike Parker Pearson is Professor of British Later Prehistory at UCL’s Institute of Archaeology in London. Since 2003 he has been leading a multidisciplinary team investigating Stonehenge, and has also worked in many different parts of the world, from Greece and the Middle East to Madagascar and Easter Island, during his career as an archaeologist.



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